Georgia Bamber is a plant-based living advocate, writer, athlete, business woman, mother and lover of good food who hopes to spread the word about the importance of eating a plant based diet -for the health of ourselves and the health of the planet.

As a graduate of Cornell University, with an MBA from City University Business School London, a Masters in Counselling Psychology for Monash and a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition for Cornell – Georgia has a broad range of life skills and experiences to draw upon.

In her past life Georgia has worked as a banker, a counselor to refugees, an entrepreneur and even a pilates instructor. She has written freelance for a number of magazines, contributed as newspaper columnist and written a number of non-fiction books.

Georgia’s passion for real, whole food started when she returned to Australia after living as an expat in Asia for 10 years. Moving to a farm on the South Coast, Georgia threw her energy into creating a healthy, wholesome lifestyle for her two sons and husband. On their farm the family established a large vegetable garden and orchard, from which they supplied almost all of their fresh fruit and veg needs. Georgia also became a seasoned amateur baker and cooks all food for her family from scratch.

As she quickly realised the massive impact that fresh and unprocessed foods had on the family’s health, Georgia began to read, and research everything she could get her hands on about food. After discovering the China Study she became a vegetarian and not long after, a confirmed vegan.

Now after years of eating, living and learning about all the immense benefits of plant based eating and living, Georgia is writing, speaking and advocating to share all that she has learned.

Georgia currently lives with her husband and two gorgeous sons in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.