Goal Setting for Success

goal setting for success

Can you believe it? This year has just flown by.

It’s that New Year time again! Which means it is Resolution Season.
Now making resolutions is fun. We are all great at planning, dreaming and scheming about all the things we will do with our bright and shiny new year. Unfortunately however most of us aren’t quite as good at keeping our resolutions as we are at making them.
In part, I think this is because we don’t set the right kinds of goals in the first place. They are generally too vague and airy fairy to inspire real action.
That’s why I wanted to share this mini-workshop with you to show you a process for goal setting that is going to greatly enhance your chances of actually seeing those resolutions through to the end and getting things DONE!

So hope you like it, and hope even more that you find it useful. So HAPPY NEW YEAR and good luck with those resolutions. Would love to hear how they go.

P.S. for those of you living in the Southern Highlands of NSW who would like to join the goals mastermind, please drop me a line at hello@georgiabamber.com to be put on the list.
If you would be interested in an online version of this group, please let me know and I will see what I can do about that too.