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Hi, I’m Georgia

I am an internationally trained Life Coach and Strategist with a Masters Degree in Psychology dedicated to helping people become their best and brightest selves. Through my individual and group coaching programs, events and retreats I hope to help as many people as possible tap into their potential, break through barriers and create the life of their dreams.

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I know all to well, life can be busy, messy and overwhelming and sometimes we get, well, lost.
We get so caught up in the business of getting stuff done and taking care of everyone else that time just passes by and we forget about ourselves and what it is we really want to be doing with our lives.
Let me tell you, we should all be doing the things we love, the things that fill us with passion, purpose and joy. We should be happy with who we are, what we are doing and where you are going.
Life’s just to short to do otherwise. Right?
If your not living the life you always envisioned for yourself, maybe it is times to mix things up a little and get on with your dreams. It’s your time.

I can help you get unstuck and figure out how to get more of what you want from life.

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Do you have dreams, aspirations and goals that you would like to achieve?

Do you already know what it is that you want to tackle next but need some help to spur you into action?
Or perhaps you just know that something is missing and need help finding it.
Let me help you clarify your goals, identify blocks and help you get into action.
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Go Girl

Looking for that spark to get you moving towards your best, most vibrant self and want to share the journey with other like minded, inspiring women?

I offer a range of group programs, workshops and retreats where you can learn, laugh, relax and get energised.

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Burradoo, NSW