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Coaching is an incredible tool that can help you close the gap between where you are right now and where you really want to be.

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I specialise in working with women to help them get unstuck, find their mojo and start creating AMAZING lives.


“Discover What You Want” Get the tools and insight you need to figure out what it is that you want. Then we can work together to help you go out there and get it!

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This coaching program is designed to help you gain the clarity, confidence and skills to get what you want. Perfect if you are feeling stuck or discontent.

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I can help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams — life, career, relationships, health/weight loss, changing habits.  Let me help you achieve whatever it is that you want.

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About Georgia

Georgia is a life coach with a Masters in Psychology, an MBA and is certified in plant-based nutrition.
She is also a mother of two teenage boys, so knows just how busy life can be.
Georgia uses science-based evidence and tools to help you build the skills and confidence to create your dream life.
She specialises in helping women find their spark and reach their true potential.

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“You’ve been amazing Georgia, I doubt that without your guidance I would have completed or created my new program.”
“Georgia has helped me to address and deal with beliefs and fears. She offers a refreshing, honest, and no nonsense approach to tackling issues. I promise you from personal experience you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from trying this.”
“Yes, yes, yes and more yes.”
“Thank you, Georgia. I left with a lot of food for thought. Your zest for life is truly inspiring – setting goals, working at them and achieving them. Wow!”

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Happiness and health go hand in hand

For total wellbeing you need to take care of both your mental health AND your physical health. We all want to feel good about how we look, as well as live a long and active life. But for many of us it is not that easy.
If you need help making health a priority I can help.
Let me show you how to make healthy habits a consistent part of your life. I can help you get active, eat well and craft a body you love.
We all deserve to be fit and healthy in a body we are proud of.

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Business Mentoring

Got a dream business or project you are itching to pursue? Or do you want to find out how you can best match your passions, interests and skill sets to a business or career that is just perfect for you?

I can help you put together a winning strategy and action plan to get you there.


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Bowral, NSW Australia